"The Little red and her pleasant friends"

The MICAO exhibition at Shinjyuku-Isetan department store in Japan.
May 30 >> June 12, 2018

I started the "The Little red and her pleasant friend" project from this exhibition.
I am going to develop it under the theme of 
"Let's eat together to live, with the feelings of gratitude for the food".


食べる事は 生きる事
弱きものも 強きものも
皆で 一緒に 美味しいものを 食べよう
きっと 生きる元気が 湧いてくるはず

June 15,2018
Good morning! (おはよう)
size: 110mm x 170mm

Let's go to the vegetable filed (野菜畑へ行こう)
size: 320mm x 260mm

The Big Red turnip (大きな赤カブ)
size: 220mm x 400mm

Harvest festival (収穫祭)
size: 220mm x 400mm

Fruits bracelet (フルーツブレスレット)
size: 170mmx260mm

My dear strawberry (わたしのいちごちゃん)
size: 220mm x 220mm

The magical recipe (魔法のレシピ)
size: 170mm x 110mm

The mushroom soup (きのこスープ)
size: 230mm x 230mm

Alphabet series
"Yorimichi-Komichi" original art works for an accordion book
May in 2010 
Word & pictures by MICAO

"10" exhibition at Osaka seikei Univ. 

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