Cappuccetto Rosso

The picture book "Akazukin" based on Grimm's Fairy Tales was translated in Italian and published by Atmosphere Libri in Novermber 2017.

Title: Cappuccetto Rosso
size: 26cm x 21cm x1cm
Language: Italian
Illustration: MICAO
Editor: Mauro Di Leo 
Publisher: Atmosphere Libri
ISBN13 : 9788865642399

Original Zine in Japanese (2016)
Photo, design, publication, word & embroidery illustration :MICAO
Paper: Gal bus cc 99 kg 210mm x 148mm P32

Akazukin is a embroidered picture book based on Grimm's Fairy Tales. 
The story is rearranged by MICAO.

撮影、デザイン、出版、著 :MICAO
紙:ガルバスCoc 99kg  210mm x 148mm P32
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