Bakery shop "Pandacco"

Client: Pandacco 
​Logo design:MICAO
Open : 2017.12
shop address: 8-17 3 chome Kita sakuraduka Toyonaka city, Osaka pref. 
TEL/FAX 06-6842-2780

2018.8 Changed shop name : Koppepanda >> Pandacco
               店舗名変更:コッペパンダ >> パンダッコ

Logo design

Pandacco is a bakery shop that uses only natural ingredients. 
I took part in shop log design& illustration.
An illustration of panda-baker is based on the name Pan-Dacco.



Shop bag illutration for their 5th anniversary

Client: Pandacco
Design & illustration : MICAO
Material : degital illustration by adobe illustrator

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